price indications app / online and fixed prices to Schiphol

Price calculations app / online 

Unfortunately our price indications in the app and online widget are not functioning as they should. The map on which those are based is not realtime, which means that, for example, the impact of major road divsersions is not oncluded in the price calaculations. We are working on getting this map updated to the realtime version. For a good price indication, we recommend contacting our dispatch via 020777777 or

Adjustment fixed prices to Schiphol

Due to the persistent heavy traffic situation in the city centre of Amsterdam due to the cut on the Weesperstraat, we are unfortunately forced to temporarily adjust our fixed prices from the center of Amsterdam to Schiphol. Bteween 7 and 21 Julty we will charge the following prices from the area below (outlined in red):

  • sedan: €55,00
  • minivan: €69,50

With our sincere apologies for these inconveniences.

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TCA is the only real Amsterdam taxi company. And has been for over sixty years. Good news: there are some certificates available again. So we are looking for the best drivers in the Amsterdam region. Would you like to be a driver for the largest and busiest taxi company? Sign up now!

Why TCA?

Joining TCA has many advantages. The red-and-black TCA taxi sign is the most recognisable one in Amsterdam and gives you access to all taxi ranks in Amsterdam, plus the exclusive TCA ranks. Approximately 50% of our drivers’ turnover comes from the fares acquired at these taxi ranks. The other 50% is earned by the rides ordered and distributed at TCA. And we do more.

What do we expect from our drivers?

TCA only employs drivers who comply with all legal requirements. This means that you have to be in possession of:

  • A valid driving licence
  • A taxi driver’s diploma
  • An exemption for tram tracks and bus lanes
  • At least 4 years in possession of a driver’s license

TCA offers all drivers:

  • The possibility to lease an electric taxi
  • A good training programme
  • Free use of the necessary equipment (FMS terminal with navigation, PIN pad, printer, on-board computer)
  • A TCA taxi sign on loan
  • Administrative support (e.g. handling of credit and debit card transactions, processing and settlement of rides on corporate accounts)
  • Representing the interests of TCA drivers at, among others, the City of Amsterdam, other government agencies, KNV (Royal Dutch Transport), etc.
  • Free membership of the TCA Disputes Committee
    24/7 telephone access for driver support
  • Helpdesk support for any questions about the equipment
  • Free service support for equipment (also in the evenings and on weekends)
  • Discounts at insurances, car dealers, Schiphol STA desk, etc.

In order to guarantee the quality of TCA, we also expect our drivers to:

  • Be fluent in Dutch and English
  • Have a presentable taxi no older than 6 years
  • Be customer-friendly and service-oriented
  • Have a well-groomed appearance

Do you meet all the above characteristics and would you like to work for TCA? Please contact us at  +31 (0)20 650 6532  or