Health and safety first at TCA Taxu (update 1 July 2020)

The health and safety of our passengers and drivers are our top priority.
With the opening of the economy, the measures have also been further adapted.
To ensure that TCA remains an excellent way of traveling. TCA has taken the following measures in addition to the generally applicable hygiene measures:

  • As 1 July it is obligated to reserve a taxi. At TCA this can be done via our call centre or the APP.
    Hailing a taxi is also still possible, but you will then be asked by the driver to go through a small checklist
  • When requesting a ride, our operator or the driver will ask whether you have corona-related complaints (in accordance with RIVM guidelines)
  • As of 1 July 1 travelers aged 13 and older are required to wear a face mask in the taxi
  • Most of our taxis are equipped with a physical barrier. If this is not the case the driver will also carry a face mask.

Naturally our drivers clean their vehicles thoroughly between trips  (think of the contact points in the vehicle (think of the door handle, armrest , seatbelt , pin equipment and handle).

for more information please refer to the following page on our site :

For more information about symptoms and prevention, please visit the website of the RIVM.

We hope to see you again in one of our taxis.


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