Price indications app / online and fixed prices to Schiphol.

Price calculations app / online 

Unfortunately our price indications in the app and online widget are not functioning as they should. The map on which those are based is not realtime, which means that, for example, the impact of major road divsersions is not oncluded in the price calaculations. We are working on getting this map updated to the realtime version. For a good price indication, we recommend contacting our dispatch via 020777777 or

Adjustment fixed prices to Schiphol

Due to the persistent heavy traffic situation in the city centre of Amsterdam due to the cut on the Weesperstraat, we are unfortunately forced to temporarily adjust our fixed prices from the center of Amsterdam to Schiphol. Bteween 7 and 21 Julty we will charge the following prices from the area below (outlined in red):

  • sedan: €55,00
  • minivan: €69,50

With our sincere apologies for these inconveniences.

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This privacy statement applies to the collection, processing and use of your personal data (data processing) in general and more specifically to the use of the TCA website ( and the use of the TCA app.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable when using our website or our app and that you do not have to worry about the confidentiality of your information. Privacy protection is essential to us and we are committed to providing users of our services with insight into the processing of their data. For this reason we would like to explain to you what data Taxicentrale Amsterdam B.V. (TCA) collects, for what purpose we do this and how you can control your own data at all times.

Personal data is specific data about the personal or business relations of a particular or identifiable natural person. When reference is made below to TCA, this means Taxicentrale Amsterdam B.V., but also all parties affiliated with Taxicentrale Amsterdam B.V. and affiliated taxi companies.

TCA only processes personal data that are necessary to perform the service requested by you. However, we also use such data to further improve our services so that we can tailor them to your needs and provide you with information that is of interest to you. In addition, TCA stores data required to comply with various legal requirements.

In order to be able to offer you our services, TCA works closely with various parties, including parties that help us to maintain and optimise the software, IT infrastructure and IT security.

From whom does TCA collect (personal) data?

TCA collects (personal) data from: 1. Passengers taking taxi rides; 2. Representatives of business relations; 3. Website visitors; 4. Employees and applicants; 5. Affiliated taxi companies and their employees.

How does TCA collect personal data from you?

TCA collects personal data from you in the following situations, among others: 1. When you contact TCA by telephone; 2. If you wish to purchase or purchase services from TCA; 3. When you conclude an agreement with TCA; Taxicentrale Amsterdam B.V. Privacy Statement 4. When you contact TCA, for example by email or via a contact form; 5. When you use one or more products, applications and software, from TCA, such as the TCA app; 6. When you visit the TCA website; 7. When you follow social media channels of TCA or post a review about TCA on a review platform.

TCA is processing personal data with TCAs GDPR data processor through secure connection via the taxi account management service.

Legal basis and purposes of data processing

Agreements with TCA TCA uses the data that you provide as part of an agreement to implement this agreement with you. In addition, TCA uses the information to provide personalised product information and to inform you about matters related to this agreement. TCA also uses the personal data provided to improve its services, such as reducing driving times and making taxi’s available. Carrying out a taxi ride via TCA is an example of an agreement, as is downloading the TCA app.

Contacting TCA When you contact TCA to order a taxi or request information from TCA, TCA processes the personal data provided for this purpose in order to provide the service or to comply with the information request and/or to answer your questions.

Website visit The website keeps track of general visitor data and click behaviour, so that the layout of the website can be further optimised and the provision of information can be improved. In addition, while using the website, cookies may be placed on your computer, smartphone or tablet, so that the website functions properly. See also under ‘The use of cookies’ on the use of cookies by TCA.

Purposes for the use of personal data TCA uses personal data that you have provided to us by telephone, via the TCA app, website or in any other way, for the following purposes: (i) To implement agreements between you and TCA, to carry out taxi rides, possibly via external parties (apps); (ii) Security of drivers and passengers takes place by a camera that may be placed in the taxi. It is the choice and responsibility of the taxi driver to place a camera in the taxi and use it to protect his safety. Very strict security measures have been put in place around the camera. Images can only be viewed for a few days after the ride and can only be retrieved through a request from the police.

(iii) To comply with legal obligations, such as the Amsterdam tax legislation or in some cases the tax retention obligation; (iv) To analyse and further develop and optimise the website and the services of TCA; (v) For other business purposes, such as data analysis, reports and audits; (vi) To secure the website and other products (such as applications and software) and to prevent fraud and abuse of the website and/or these other products (such as applications and software).

Data minimisation In all steps of the data processing process, i.e. data collection, including storage of data and its use, we strictly adhere to the current data protection legislation. TCA only processes your personal data if and to the extent necessary for the aforementioned purposes. We will not use personal data that you share with us for any other purpose without your permission, nor will we sell, rent or pass on personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. Internally, only those departments and employees who need it for the performance of their duties have access to your personal data.

The use of cookies

What are cookies? TCA uses cookies and other similar techniques. Cookies are small (text) files that are created and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone during the use of the website. The cookies placed via the TCA website cannot damage your device or the files stored on it.

Types of cookies TCA uses functional and analytical cookies in order to further improve the service. The following explains what these cookies are and what TCA does with these cookies.

Functional cookies The functional cookies ensure that the website functions properly and that, for example, you can view your account information.

Analytical cookies TCA uses Google Analytics to track how users use the website. The address of your computer (IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers operated by Google. Please read Google’s privacy policy for more information.

A cookie opt-out is available for these analytical cookies. More information about this can be found at the following link: TCA also uses Adjust to keep track of how users use the TCA app. The address of your mobile (mobile ID) is transferred to and stored by Adjust on the servers managed by Adjust. Read Adjust’s privacy statement for more information:

Refusing cookies The use of cookies is optional. If you do not wish to permit the use of cookies, you can adjust the settings of your browser accordingly. You can also remove installed cookies from your computer, tablet or smartphone at any time. Among other things, you can consult this roadmap of the Consumers’ Association:


You can enter your email address to receive the newsletter. With this newsletter we keep you informed about actions and TCA informs you about its services and products that might be of interest to you. The email address will only be added to a list of subscribers with explicit permission. The subscriber base will not be made available to third parties. Each newsletter also contains an unsubscribe button. In principle, we process and store your data for the duration of your agreement. Of course, you can revoke your consent at any time by sending an email to:


TCA maintains a level of security for the processing of personal data that, within the limits of current techniques, must be sufficient to prevent unauthorised access, alteration, publication or loss of your personal data. If you notice any unauthorised use of personal data, we kindly ask you to inform us by sending an email to:


We will not use your personal data for purposes other than those described above unless you have given your consent or if TCA is required by law to process the data (e.g. to public authorities). In all cases in which you have given permission for a particular data processing operation, you have the right to revoke this permission. This does not affect the past, but it does mean that we can no longer process these data. As a result, TCA may no longer be able to provide you with certain services. Taxicentrale Amsterdam B.V. Privacy Statement

What are your rights?

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation, you have a number of rights with regard to your data and its processing:


If you wish to inspect the personal data about you recorded and processed by TCA, you can request access to these data via


If you wish to make changes to the personal data that you have seen as a result of a request for access and that you cannot change yourself in your account, you can make a request to that effect to TCA. You may request that TCA modify, correct, supplement, delete or block your data, to the extent that this does not conflict with a legal obligation that TCA must comply with by processing your personal data.

Restricting processing

You also have the right, under certain conditions, to request TCA to limit the processing of your personal data.

Right of objection

If any processing takes place on the basis of TCA’s or a third party’s ‘legitimate interest’, you have the right to object to that processing. Data transfer You have the right to obtain your personal data from TCA. TCA will provide these in a structured and common form, which can easily be opened in other common digital systems. In this way, you can also transfer your data to another provider.

Withdrawal of consent

In all cases where the basis for a certain data processing is your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent. This does not affect the past, but it does mean that we will no longer be able to process these data. As a result, TCA may no longer be able to provide you with certain services.

Reaction by TCA

A request can be sent to TCA will comply with your request as soon as possible and in any case no later than one (1) month after TCA has received such a request. If TCA rejects your request, we will indicate in our reply why the request is rejected.

Where can you go with complaints and questions? If you have any questions about the privacy statement and the way in which TCA uses your data, please send an email to Even if you have a complaint about the way in which the data is processed. In addition, you can always contact the competent national supervisor in the field of privacy protection. You can contact the Authority for Personal Data for this purpose.

Third parties

We will not pass on your personal data to third parties without your permission, unless: 1. This is necessary in the context of the provision of services by TCA; 2. TCA is required by law or in an emergency to provide personal data to government agencies; 3. If a reorganisation or transfer of business activities takes place at TCA with the result that TCA has to transfer personal data to another organisation.

TCA makes proper arrangements with third parties about the security requirements with regard to your personal data and records these contractually.

Third party privacy statement

On the TCA website you will find a number of links to external websites. TCA cannot be held responsible for the way in which these external parties handle your data. Please read the privacy statement of the external website you are visiting.

Storage period

TCA does not retain your personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which the personal data were collected.

Contact details TCA

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact TCA, below you will find our details:

Name: Taxicentrale Amsterdam B.V.
Address: Wisseloordplein 2, 1106 MH, Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Email address:
Chamber of Commerce: 33268902


This privacy statement may be amended at any time. The most recent privacy statement can be found on the website.