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TCA has had a great app for years. Not only is it the perfect Taxi app for Amsterdam, but it also works perfectly and quickly in almost all of Europe because our app has been developed in cooperation with dozens of other taxi companies. With our TCA app, you can easily order a taxi via your smartphone: ideal after a busy day at work, a night out in Amsterdam or simply from your own couch. At the touch of a button, the TCA app makes it easier than ever to order a taxi.


View your predetermined price

When you order your taxi via the TCA app, you will immediately see the fixed fare. This fare is based on the number of kilometres and the duration of the ride, and applies to both regular and electric taxis. The predetermined price is always the same regardless of traffic, pick-up times or other factors! You can sit back and rely on a comfortable taxi ride at a competitive rate.

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The TCA app allows you to immediately order a taxi, but you can also use the app to book a ride in advance. In the app, you can indicate how big your group is. You can order a taxi for a maximum of 8 people. You can also choose the fixed Schiphol Airport fare (Amsterdam <> Schiphol Airport) for a maximum of € 45 (with a surcharge of € 5 for more than four persons).

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