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We have about 1,500 drivers and 1,250 cars. Our drivers are a reflection of society. We have drivers with 40 years of experience, but also young students who drive a taxi on the weekends.

Our drivers are not employed by TCA but all work as independent entrepreneurs. Our drivers meet a number of strict requirements. They are all in possession of:

  • The legally obligatory part (taxi driver’s diploma)
  • Tram track exemption, shared use of tram tracks and bus lanes (City of Amsterdam, CCV)
  • Certificate of Conduct (no older than three months for taxi driver’s diploma)

Our drivers have also undergone a psychological test, and followed and completed an internal TCA course. During this course, attention is paid to customer service, knowledge about the streets and handling the FMS Terminal (ride system, accepting rides). In addition to the TCA course, our drivers also follow a resistance training course on aggression and robbery prevention in 2014. This training course was provided by AndersVeilig

Every day starts with a smile