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At Taxicentrale Amsterdam, ordering a taxi is very easy. TCA has made sure that you can book a taxi in Amsterdam in various ways for reasonable prices. You can order a taxi via our website, by using our taxi app or by calling +31 (0)20 777 7777.

Book your taxi

You can book a taxi at Taxicentrale Amsterdam at any time of the day. Whether you want to order a taxi from Schiphol Airport to start your journey carefree or want to book a taxi to eat at Rembrandt Square, Taxicentrale Amsterdam offers you the solution and will take you to your desired location safely and quickly.

Business fleet

If you want to arrange excellent transport for yourself, your colleagues or your guests, you can book one of our almost 600 business class drivers.

Loyalty card

With a TCA loyalty card, there is no more need for cash payments. With TCA’s personal, plastic loyalty card, you can easily take a ride at your company’s expense. The loyalty card can also be added to the TCA app as a means of payment. That means it’s no problem if you forget it once in a while!

Putting rides on a corporate account

If you have several people that you want to transport at the expense of your company, you can put your taxi rides on a corporate account. You can let us know which rides you would like to see taken care of and we will book the taxis for your guests. Your guests will be transported, without having to pay the fare.

Own taxi rank

Always want to have one or more taxis at your disposal? This is possible if you create your own taxi rank on site. That way, there is always a TCA taxi ready for your guests or customers at the door. Very convenient and the best service is guaranteed!


For bars and restaurants, etc. we offer TCA Autobooker. A simple touchscreen device that allows you to order one or more taxis at the touch of a button. This way, you can keep all your attention on the guests.