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1500 TCA chauffeurs en 1250 taxi's staan voor u klaar en bieden u graag de service en aandacht die u verdient.

New TCA App


Today the new TCA app is released in the Appstore.

With the TCA app you can easily order your taxi in Amsterdam. Our taxis are 24/7 at your disposal. You can always get a TCA taxi within 5 minutes.

After downloading you can order your taxi immediately. Create an account to save your trips, add your favorite destinations and add your payment method.

You can easily order the type of taxi you need. Do you want to be picked up as quickly as possible? Choose ‘taxi’. Are you with a group of 5 to 8 people? Choose ‘Minivan’. Thinking about the environment? Order your zero emission taxi with ‘Green’. Do you want to go to the airport and pay no more than €37,50? Choose our ‘airport’ taxi.

Watch your taxi approaching and see at what time it will arrive. If you enter your destination, you’ll also get an estimation of the price and the duration of the ride. Of course, it is also possible to make a reservation. There are some additional options, like taking extra luggage, bringing your pet or bringing some extra friends.

After ordering your ride, you can see your assigned driver and the license plate of the taxi. When you’ve finished your ride, you can let us know how you experienced your ride by rating your driver.

At TCA, you can pay your taxi any way you like. With cash, a debit or credit card in the taxi, but also with the TCA app. Add your credit card, PayPal account or your customer card and quickly pay your taxi via the app.

The TCA app is part of Therefore it’s possible to order your taxi in more than 100 cities in Europe with the TCA app.

Download the new TCA app in the Appstore.