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It is now possible to determine the fare of a TCA taxi in advance using the TCA app. Recently, TCA conducted a survey among about 700 Amsterdammers and this survey showed that there was a need for clarity about taxi fares. The Amsterdam taxi company has therefore decided that rides ordered via the app will have a fixed price agreed in advance.

Fixed price
This service is available for two types of cars within the fleet: the regular taxi and the eco/green taxi. Since last year, the Schiphol Airport taxi already had a maximum fare of € 37.50, and now a fixed fare has been added for almost the entire fleet. Many taxi operators raise their prices in the evening and night as well as during busy periods. TCA is not going along with this. The predetermined price is always the same regardless of traffic or pick-up time. The Amsterdam taxi company has opted for transparency and clarity for its passengers.

Gitte Biekmann, spokesperson for TCA says: ‘The taxi industry is in a state of flux, and so are we. The survey results were crystal clear; our customers say they want a fixed price, so they know in advance what they are going to pay for a ride. Because of the introduction of our new app in 2017, it was relatively easy to realise this new service.

Eco taxi
The same rate applies to green eco taxis and regular taxis. TCA recently started using its 100th eco taxi and, in the meantime, the fleet has been expanded again. The fixed fare applies not only to rides within Amsterdam but also to rides from Amsterdam to locations throughout the Netherlands.

Payment methods
The possibility of a fixed fare in advance does not mean that the ride has to be paid in advance. This can simply be done at the destination. Payment of the ride is possible via the app, after choosing the desired payment method. Of course, it is also possible to pay in cash or by debit or credit card. Biekmann: ‘One of our most important objectives is to be the most reliable taxi company in the Netherlands, and price agreements for a taxi ride play an important role in this. Customers already know what they are going to pay, and that creates clarity and trust.

About Taxicentrale Amsterdam
With approximately 1,500 affiliated drivers, TCA is the largest taxi company in Amsterdam. Due to the wide distribution of drivers across the city, TCA can guarantee that there will always be a taxi at your doorstep within 5 minutes. All affiliated drivers are self-employed, fully certified and have completed a TCA course. That way, TCA provides safe and reliable taxi transport.