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The Amsterdam scale-up Cabture will equip 300 TCA (Taxicentrale Amsterdam) taxis with a Cabtab. This is an interactive tablet that gives passengers access to entertainment, information and free Wi-Fi, among other things. With this, the taxi company focuses on service, entertainment and a pleasant travel experience. TCA expresses the ambition to provide all TCA taxis with a Cabtab (in due course).

We are proud to work with the largest regional taxi company in the Netherlands. In TCA, we have found a solid partner that invests in new state-of-the-art technology and innovative services in the taxi industry, which shows that TCA is committed to the innovation and expansion of its range of services. This brings us one step closer to our final goal: making sure that travelling time is not seen as a waste of time, but as an enrichment,’ says Louaie El Rowidi, founder of Cabture.

TCA pioneers with interactive tablet
After a successful pilot of one year, TCA is providing more and more taxis with a Cabture tablet. Within the foreseeable future, 300 taxis will have such an interactive tablet, and eventually a Cabtab will be installed in every TCA taxi. A great success for the scale-up, as TCA has around 1,250 taxis.

Besides TCA, other Dutch taxi companies and international taxi companies are also interested in Cabtabs from Cabture.

Reviews and monitoring of taxi ride
Cabture’s Cabtab allows the passenger to stream live TV, make orders and bookings, consult the news and information about attractions and connect to the Wi-Fi. The passenger can also charge his phone and leave a rating for the taxi ride. With this, TCA wants to optimise passenger service. Passenger reviews are shared with the Board of the Amsterdam taxi company.

Hedy Borreman, director of TCA says: ‘These tablets increase the service during a taxi ride and our passengers benefit from this. Compared to other companies in the market, we already distinguish ourselves in terms of reliability, quality and service. Giving our customers the chance to review a taxi ride from inside the taxi allows us to continuously monitor and, if necessary, optimise our services.

Business taxi rides and advertising opportunities
With the Cabtab, TCA also serves corporate passengers: they can use the tablet to make reservations for a hotel or restaurant, among other things. The return trip can also be organised via the touchscreen.

Above all, companies can share a message via the Cabtab, if the passenger in question is being transported by TCA. Companies have the specific possibility to order a taxi with a Cabtab. This allows them to thank the passenger for their visit, for example to their restaurant, club or hotel. It is also possible to advertise on the interactive screens.