Health and safety firtst at TCA taxi

The health and safety of our passengers and drivers are our top priority.
With the opening of the economy, the measures have also been further adapted.
To ensure that TCA remains an excellent way of traveling. TCA has taken the following measures in addition to the generally applicable hygiene measures:

  • When requesting a ride, our operator asks whether the driver asks if you have corona-related complaints (in accordance with RIVM guidelines)
  • Taxis are equipped with a physical barrier if the distance of 1.5m is not possible
  • If several passengers have to be transported, whereby the 1.5m distance cannot be observed between passengers, we ask the passengers to travel with a non-medical mask
  • Naturally our drivers clean their vehicles thoroughly between trips (think of the contact points in the vehicle (think of the door handle, armrest, seat belt, pin equipment and handle)

This is a small selection of the measures, for the complete overview please refer to the following page on our site :

For more information about symptoms and prevention, please visit the website of the RIVM.

We hope to see you again in one of our taxis.


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TCA follows the taxi transport protocol as drawn up by Royal Dutch Transport  (KNV), the national association for entrepreneurs active in healthcare and taxi transport, together with the trade unions FNV and CNV. Within the framework of government policy and advice from RIVM to fight the corona virus, taxi transporters and their employees want to use this to carry out taxi transport on a larger scale as responsibly as possible.

We assume that everyone is now well acquainted with the general hygiene measures wich can be found on the RIVM site: 

Before the start of the ride, the traveler is asked whether he has corona-related complaints. The traveler cannot join in the event of complaints. When the driver is in doubt whether the traveler is free of complaints, the driver is decides whether or not the traveler can come along.

The TCA center keeps an overview of people transported, so that, if necessary tracing is possible.

Transport measures

If it is possible to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m between the driver and passengers or between several passengers in the vehicle, no additional measures are necessary.
If it is not possible to keep a 1.5m distance between the driver and the passenger(s):

  • Is there physical protection between driver and passenger(s)
  • Or if the driver wears a surgical mask and the passengers a non-medical mask.




Household (family or residential group)?

YES: further protection measures between these travelers are not necessary, but a minimum distance of 1.5m must be kept from the driver, or if there is a physical shield or if the driver wears a surgical mask. In the case of the latter, travelers will also have to wear a non-medical mask.

NO: then all travelers are obliged to wear a non-medical mouth mask if the distance of 1.5m cannot be guaranteed.

In addition as in public transport, the maximum number of passengers is limited:

  • Passenger car maximum 2 passengers
  • BUS: maximum 4 passengers

Measures during and after the ride

  • Drivers ensure that they do not get too close to the passenger’s face
  • Drivers are provided with disinfectant or wipes to clean hands and contact points
  • During every ride and in between trips, the vehicle is ventilated as much as possible
  • The contact points in the vehicle (eg door handle, armrest, seat belt, pin equipment and handle) are additionally cleaned.

For more information, please contact our dispatch on
tel : 0031 20 6506506.
The complete protocol for safe taxi transport can e found on the following page:



Dont shake hands with others

In the Netherlands due the covid-19 period we not recommended for hand shake's.

Wash your hands regularly with water and soap

Use alcohol-based handrub if you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.

Keep 1.5 meter distance when it is possible

We can all help stop the spread by keeping our distance of 1.5 meter.