Price indications app / online and fixed prices to Schiphol.

Price calculations app / online 

Unfortunately our price indications in the app and online widget are not functioning as they should. The map on which those are based is not realtime, which means that, for example, the impact of major road divsersions is not oncluded in the price calaculations. We are working on getting this map updated to the realtime version. For a good price indication, we recommend contacting our dispatch via 020777777 or

Adjustment fixed prices to Schiphol

Due to the persistent heavy traffic situation in the city centre of Amsterdam due to the cut on the Weesperstraat, we are unfortunately forced to temporarily adjust our fixed prices from the center of Amsterdam to Schiphol. Bteween 7 and 21 Julty we will charge the following prices from the area below (outlined in red):

  • sedan: €55,00
  • minivan: €69,50

With our sincere apologies for these inconveniences.

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Transport measures ( Update July 1, 2020)

TCA follows the taxi transport protocol as drawn up by Royal Dutch Transport  (KNV), the national association for entrepreneurs active in healthcare and taxi transport, together with the trade unions FNV and CNV. Within the framework of government policy and advice from RIVM to fight the corona virus, taxi transporters and their employees want to use this to carry out taxi transport on a larger scale as responsibly as possible.

We assume that everyone is now well acquainted with the general hygiene measures wich can be found on the RIVM site:

Transport measures (update July 1, 2020)

As of 1 July it is mandatory to reserve a taxi, so that tracing is possible – if necessary. When you order the ride by phone or via the APP at TCA, this data is already recorded (name and email or phone number, date & time). Hailing a taxi is also still possible, but you will then be asked by the driver to go through a small checklist.

When requesting a ride, our operator or the driver will ask whether you have corona -related complaints ( in accordance with RIVM guidelines). The traveller cannot take a taxi in the event of complaints. When the driver is in doubt whether the traveller is free of complaints, the driver decides whether or not the traveller can come alone.

As of  July 1 travellers aged 13 and older are required to wear a face mask in the taxi.

If it is possible to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m between the driver and passengers or between several passengers in the vehicle, no additional measures are necessary.  If it is not possible to keep a 1.5m distance between the driver and the passenger(s):

  • There is physical protection between driver and passengers(s)
  • Or the driver will wear a face mask like the passenger(s)


Household (family or residential group)?

Just as in public transport, all travellers aged 13 and older are required to war a (non-medical)face mask if the distance of 1.5m cannot be guaranteed.
There are no restrictions on the number of passengers other than the maximum capacity of the taxi.

Measures during and after the ride.

  • Drivers ensures that they do not get too close to the passenger’s face
  • Drivers are provided with disinfectant or wipes to clean hands and contact points
  • During every ride and in between trips, the vehicle is ventilated as much as possible
  • The contact points in the vehicle ( eg door handle, armrest, seat belt, pin equipment and handle) are additionally cleaned.


For more information, please contact our dispatch on
tel : 0031 20 6506506.

Important information

Information about symptoms and general precaution measures we refer you to the site of the RIVM :

> The data collected by a driver is only retained for possible government tracking needs. This data will be deleted after 3 weeks. For the use of the data when ordering via the central and the app, we refer to our privacy. policy on the website.

Dont shake hands with others

In the Netherlands due the covid-19 period we not recommended for hand shake's.

Wash your hands regularly with water and soap

Use alcohol-based handrub if you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.

Keep 1.5 meter distance when it is possible

We can all help stop the spread by keeping our distance of 1.5 meter.