TCA app

At TCA you pay the way you prefer. You can now pay your taxi with the TCA app. No cards or cash needed, just your phone which you always have at hand. We like to make things as easy as possible.

Easily pay via the TCA app

Quickly leaving your taxi

When arriving at your destination, just let your driver know you want to pay using the TCA app. The app shows you the amount owed, and if you like you are able to add a tip. After this you confirm the owed amount on the TCA app. This way you keep control over your costs, while quickly leaving your taxi!

Even when you hail your taxi

If you haven’t ordered a taxi by using the TCA app, but you’ve hailed a taxi on the streets or orderd a taxi via the website, it is still possible to pay with the app.

Is your employer paying?

Next to your credit card or PayPal account, you can add your personal loyalty card to the app. This way your invoices will be sent directly to your employer.

Get the TCA-app now

So you'll always have your taxi and payment means at hand when you're in Amsterdam!