Did you know?

Since December 2012, you can pay with your debitcard in all our 1500 taxis.


TCA wants to provide its customers excellent service. That is why we are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can order in advance: ideal solution for parties and weddings. If you would like a price quotation, you can get one through the call centre, the website or the TCA App.

Ways to order

TCA offers various ways to order a taxi, for private customers as well as business clients. Hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs order with TCA Autobooker. Just a simple touch of the screen and one or more taxis are on their way. For frequent customers and event organisations, health care organisations and businesses, a Customer Card is a smart solution. And of course there is always the possibility to order through one of the regular channels: our call centre on +31(0) 20–777 77 77, our priority number +31 (0) 900-6777 777 (55 cents p/m), our website and the TCA app.

Customer card

With a TCA customer card, cash payments are history. The card is provided with a magnetic strip. At the end of the ride, the amount due is subtracted from the card.

Five minutes

As soon as we receive an order through our website, the TCA App or by phone, our ride conciliation system directly connects it to the nearest available driver. He or she will be notified immediately and is probably able to arrive within five minutes.