Did you know?

1500 TCA drivers and 1250 taxis love to offer you the service and attention you deserve.


About 1,500 self-employed drivers joined TCA. Over 60 people work at the support sections in Amsterdam-Southeast.

The 1,500 certified drivers are our most visible feature in the streets of Amsterdam. They know their way in and outside town and take our customers to their destination in a safe and comfortable way.

Quality Management

More than 60 people work at our headquarters in Amsterdam-Southeast. For instance our Quality Management team. They monitor the quality of our services and make sure our fleet is in perfect condition. This team also handle complaints.

Call centre

Our colleagues at the call centre take on calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only do they make sure every caller gets a cab, they also provide price quotations, take on reservations and find your lost items. Because every cab ride is registered to the minute, lost items are found most of the time.

Other teams

Our colleagues at Marketing & Communications and Sales guard TCA’s solid name and make sure more and more (large) clients know where to find TCA. Last but not least, the Administrations team handles all accounting business like contributions and invoices to TCA regulars.

  • GENERAL 020-7777777

    For general questions about TCA, additional information or suggestions.

  • CALL CENTRE 020-7777777

    For questions about a ride, the fare, a lost item or to make a reservation.

  • MARKETING 020-6506517

    Questions about marketing activities? Please feel free to contact us.

  • SALES 020-6506528

    Quotation-request or become a client? We like to make an appointment.

  • COMPLAINTS 0800-7777777

    For filing a complaint or information about the status of a complaint.

  • ADMINISTRATION 020-6506540

    For questions about an invoice, ride reports or the status of an order.