Managing a hotel, restaurant or bar? With TCA Autobooker it’s very easy to order a taxi for your guests. It works with a touch screen at the reception or behind the bar.

With the TCA Autobooker you can book a taxi in one click.

Simple and compact

Literally press one button and you can order one to a maximum of nine taxi’s at the same time. Our system immediately sends the nearest available driver(s) towards you. The screen shows the overview with car numbers and times of arrival. At your TCA note block you can write these same details for the benefit of your guests. This way they know what to expect as well.

All your attention for your guests

With TCA Autobooker you  are able to give your guests all your attention: ordering a cab is done in a second. Five minutes later they will be leaning back in a high-quality TCA taxi. Offer your guests the extra service they deserve: order your cab with TCA Autobooker!

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