TCA guarantees comfortable and reliable taxi transportation at any time. However, there are more options than ordering a ‘regular’ taxi. TCA offers special transport as well, customised to all kinds of special wishes. In example our VIP fleet, designed for top class travelling.

Our Business fleet will suit the needs of a company or a high class hotel. And being a company with a high corporate and social responsibility standard, we offer zero emission taxis in our eco fleet.

... a comfortable ride with everything needed at arm’s length.

A VIP expects a luxury car, a smart looking driver and a comfortable ride with everything needed within an arm's reach. TCA provides this service.

Top comfort

We drive our VIP’s in a Mercedes S, BMW 7 series or Audi A8 to their destination. Our driver is perfectly dressed in a suit with a tie.


Our VIP service will be tailored to your specific requests. For the benefit of your board members or important guests, but also in case of events or exhibitions. Reservation is required.


Our VIP service is charged by the hour. Please ask our Sales department for a tailor-made price.