TCA app

Order a taxi with your smartphone: just perfect after a night out in Amsterdam, or simply while sitting on your own couch. With the TCA app it’s easier than ever.

Just press the button and your cab is on its way

How does the app work?

Just press the button and your cab is on its way. Our system automatically finds your location. On the map you see the taxi driving towards you, and the number of minutes it will take to arrive. This way you will know exactly when the taxi arrives at your doorstep. At your destination your can pay the way you like, even paying with the app is an option. Finally, you can review your ride.


Of course you can order a taxi on the spot. But it’s also possible to make reservations through the app. And to order a taxi van, instead of a regular car. The TCA app is available for iPhone, Android and iPad.

Business use

Large company receptions or hotels can use the web version of the TCA app.