Kingsday 27 April 2022

Due to the many road closures in and around Amsterdam during Kingsnight and Kingsday it is not possible to pre-book your taxi between April 26th 4pm and April 28th 10am.

We advise you to either contact our call centre during this period or to book your taxi via our app or to book via whatsapp (send the word “taxi” to 020 7777777). This way we can set a time and location to pick you up in Amsterdam. Click here to see the map with road closures.

We wish you a very pleasant Kingsday!


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Texting. We all do it pretty much all through the day. We doen het allemaal zo’n beetje de hele dag door. So then it would be very handy to just order your taxi by using whatsapp as well, right?

How does Whatsapp TAXI works?

Very easy.  Type the word TAXI in whatsapp using our well-known number 020 777 7777. Our computer assistant will help you immediately. After passing on your current and/or desired location, we will let you know when we will be there. That can even be within 5 minutes! We are fast. Prefer a later time? All right, we can arrange that just as easily.

Benieuwd waarom we een computer-assistent hebben? Zodat we u nog sneller kunnen helpen. De assistent heeft direct inzicht in de systemen en linkt alles aan elkaar. Zo hoeft u niet langer te wachten dan nodig. Een taxi bestellen via WhatsApp gaat zo wel heel erg soepel.

Wondering why we use a computer assistant? This way we can help you even faster. The assistant has direct insight in our systems and links everything together. So you don’t have to wait longer than necessary. Ordering a taxi via WhatsApp has never gone more smooth.

Order a taxi using whatsapp

Wat nog meer handig is om te weten

The cost of the ride and the payment. Our drivers drive on the meter. As a result, we do not have fixed prices when ordering via whatsapp. You pay your fare at the end of the ride in the car. Payment by card and cash are both possible.

When our driver has reached your pick-up location, he/she will contact you. So keep an eye on your phone. We remain your personal taxi in Amsterdam, with and without Whatsapp.

We also still have our app

For those who prefer not to order a taxi via WhatsApp, our TCA app is still a solution. Of course this is also still active. Download it in the app store and book your rides. And payment? This can also be done via the app or – if you prefer – in the car with the driver.

Do you prefer real human contact? Keep reaching out to our colleagues from the call centre. We can be reached 24/7 via 020 777 7777.

All advantages at a glance

Always our best fixed price (24/7)
With you in five minutes
The best taxi app in Europe
Can be used for more than 150 taxi companies in Europe