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TCA has a great new website where you can find information about the corporate market, excursions and our partners. But we want more, because even with our more than 1,500 drivers, we don’t see everything.

That’s why we want your help as an Amsterdammer. If you see something beautiful, sweet, touching, crazy: take a photograph. You can just use your phone. Make sure it can be used both horizontally and vertically (for PC, laptop or mobile) and we will select a few of these photos every week.

If your photo and your name is shown on our landing page as the key photo, you will win a whole day of free taxi rides within Amsterdam. And, of course, you also win eternal fame. Because many thousands of people visit our site every week.

Email your photo to with the description ‘web photo’ and include your name and address. Once a year, we will publish and exhibit all the photos, which you are of course invited to view.